French and russian revolution

french and russian revolution The russian revolution: some suggestive analogies by isaac deutscher an eminent french historian once wrote: consider the revolutions of the renaissance: in them you will find all the passions, all the spirit, and all the language of the french revolution with some reservations, one might also say.

Who was in power before the revolution what kind of leader was he russia – nicholas ii (romanov) autocrat (supreme leader) censorship, spying, jail, nationalism ignored the needs of the factory workers. The french revolution in russian political life : the case of interaction between history and politics dmitry shlapentokh the influence of politics on history is well known yet the opposite relationship also holds : history and the images of the past often affect the behaviour of poli- ticians. The french and russian revolutions were both very dramatic and have influenced the political standings of both nations and nations surrounding them to this day the russian revolution, although performed over 100 years later, is a great comparison to the french revolution, due to their relative similarities and. Despite this change, however, liberal ideas that had spread during the eighteenth century continued to circulate throughout russia during the nineteenth, and the french revolution continued to have a persistent influence on the political ideas of russians when travel resumed under alexander i (ruled 1801–1825). In his comparative analysis of the great french and the russian october revolution, arno mayer focuses on the interaction between revolution and counterrevolution as a source of exorbitant violence and terror that emerges less from ideological visions of the revolutionaries than from unforeseen pressures generated by. Description: on november 30th and december 1st, 2012, the jordan center and the institute for french studies will host an international symposium at nyu's maison francaise our topic is “cultures of war: from the french revolution to the russian revolution” this event will bring together.

Here is the first similarity: massive loss of life, especially in the ruling class king louis xvi and his wife marie antoinette both were beheaded and czar nicholas ii and his family were shot to death many lesser nobles and pro-government generals were killed in purges during the french revolution and russian revolution. These were the living conditions that the peasants in russia and france faced peasants in both nations were miserable and decided to end their suffering by starting a revolution but what exactly were the causes of the peasants' misery that brought these revolutions the russian and french revolutions were both caused. For many of the intellectual participants of the russian revolution, the french revolution of 1789 provided a crucial historical model, and they studied its history to try and work out where their own revolution would lead many bolsheviks were primed by their identification with the most extreme french revolutionaries, the. This enormous and ambitious work is a reaction against several recent fashionable orthodoxies: an optimistic reading of history that predicts a peaceful transition to global capitalism, a conservative reading of the french revolution that sees it as a forerunner of bolshevik terror, and a tendency to stress the similarities.

When revolution erupted in russia in 1917, many of its leaders self- consciously identified their situation with the turbulent era of the french revolution (1789) events, trends, individuals, groups, and ideologies either took on or were assigned identities that mirrored previous occurrences in revolutionary france bolshevik. Soviet union: the russian revolution sometime in the middle of the 19th century, russia entered a phase of internal crisis that in 1917 would culminate in revolution its causes were not so much economic or social as political and cultural for the sake of by 1917 the bond between the tsar and most of. Before the russian revolution but women played decisive and revolutionary roles even before the russian revolution the women's march on the palace of versailles in october 1789 was a decisive moment in the struggles that brought down the power of the french monarchy nearly 7,000 women.

French and german social democrats had voted in favour of their respective governments' war efforts georgi plekhanov in paris had adopted a violently anti- german stand, while parvus supported the german war effort as the best means of ensuring a revolution in russia the mensheviks largely maintained that russia. Thesis: both the french and russian revolutions expose how the development of laissez faire and capitalism effected the rise of a proletarian class struggle, coupled with social, political, economic and other external factors, leading to the overthrow of their inept monarchical regimes a revolution is defined as „a forcible. When one compares the french and the russian revolutions, a number of important parallels become clear in terms of religion, citizenship, and the role of women and the family, the russian revolution at its height (october 1917) was more radical than the french revolution during its peak (august. 9–8 points • thesis is explicit and fully responsive to the question • organization is clear, consistently followed, and effective in support of the argument o essay must explicitly compare and contrast both the french and russian revolutions o essay must primarily address state authority and the origins of each revolution.

Meanwhile the inherently polarizing duality of the blinding promise and panic fear of revolution continues to perplex historians and social theorists as much as it confounded contemporaries of the french and russian revolutions precisely because of the built-in tension between its light and dark sides, revolution continues. Though i reject bolshevism, and date the degeneration of the revolution to the early 20s, i will be among those celebrating the russian revolution was an intervention by the masses into history, like the french before it, and it is possible to celebrate that if you also acknowledge and celebrate the fight.

French and russian revolution

What is the difference between french revolution and russian revolution - french revolution lasted from 1789 to 1799 russian revolution took place in 1917. Re-appraising revolution and change in international politics: a case study of america revolution 1776, french revolution 1789 and russian revolution 1917 oluwatobi babatunde njoaguani, rosemary oyinlola popoola abstract: change and continuity are characteristics of human history strategic change in any.

  • The years 1789 and 1917 held similarity in the fact that they were the beginning of years of utter chaos in europe in 1789, france was at the beginning of what was to be known as the french revolution and coincidentally so was russia in 1917 these revolutions changed europe in many ways,.
  • Russia is undergoing now a revolution of the same extent and importance as england under went in 1639 to '48, and france in 1789 to '94 every nation should refuse to play the shameful role played by england, prussia, austria and russia during the french revolution further, it must be borne in mind that the russian.
  • Some notes on comparing the french and russian revolutions by robert freeman similarities • both against autocratic, out-of-touch regimes o ancien regime o tzar • both mobilize popular revulsion against abysmal living conditions • both capitalized on fact of no relations between people and state • both tried to.

Flying in the face of history, violence is dismissed as rare, immoral, and counterproductive arguing against this pervasive wishful thinking, the distinguished historian arno j mayer revisits the two most tumultuous and influential revolutions of modern times: the french revolution of 1789 and the russian. Videos related with industrial revolution, french revolution, american war of independence and russian revolution rousseau was born in 1712 ad rousseau died in 1778 ad louis 16th louis king was much responsible for bringing the french revolution the french revolution was held in 1890 ad 10 million us. Introduction as indicated in the discussion of the french revolution, there is a logical and long-range pattern that revolutions follow therefore, understanding the pattern of past revolutions can help us anticipate events in current revolutions , more specifically the final stages of the process now taking place in russia and. For ap euro all praise and glory be to dom.

french and russian revolution The russian revolution: some suggestive analogies by isaac deutscher an eminent french historian once wrote: consider the revolutions of the renaissance: in them you will find all the passions, all the spirit, and all the language of the french revolution with some reservations, one might also say.
French and russian revolution
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